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Laureates 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011

1st Place 2014

Aglaya is a fresh and modern interpretation of an insulation wall system. using the triangular shape combined with a nice pallet of colours gives any user ways of possibilities. The design as well as the interpretation of this year’s theme won the jury over. Bravo!

Ane Castro Sudupe & Núria Costa Ginjaume
Escola Superior de Disseny
Sabadell, Spain
2nd Place 2014

Kairos is maybe the smallest in size but not smallest in cleverness. this little device is a handcrafted amplifier for mobiles. The jury did like the connection with the theme of sound very appropriate, well done!

Tania López, Sara Tapia & Berta Navarro
Escola Superior de Disseny
Sabadell, Spain
3rd Place 2014

The jury was very pleased with this chair, because of the way the waste carpet material was used, not only as a covering, but as part of the structural solution for the back and the seat.

Especially the liaison with the waves of the sound was found in the way the carpet is folded together and gives nice looks and comfort.

Ian Reveley
Buckinghamshire New University, School of Design
United Kingdom
Special Mention

The jury found this proposal worth mentioning because of its original character. Mur Velu is a compact solution for putting your guitar on the wall using carpet waste.
The way the theme ‘Sound’ was interpreted in a less conventional way surprised the jury so much, that they decided to give the design a well-deserved special mention.

Nina Vavpetič, Nataša Travnikar, Mojca Cesar & Ema Babošek
Faculty of Design, Interior Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Special Mention

This chair is really good looking. the idea is simple and clever. The amount of carpet waste is in direct relation with its functionality: folding the book of carpet to its adjusted height: interesting!

Saloua El Hammouti
Thomas More, Interior Design
Mechelen, Belgium