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Laureates 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011

1st place 2013

Link stood out by its originality. The jury was charmed by this simple idea. A very smart solution to a well-known problem. It solves various practical issues: noise reduction, damage control and a straight alignment for a set of chairs. The result: a picture perfect arrangement. So you can see there is more than meets the eye in this design. Different layers of carpet waste translate into several uses. And that’s the beauty of this idea.

Lore De Groote
Thomas More University College
Mechelen, Belgium
Shared 2nd place 2013

Don’t just say stool to a chair... A stool can become a chair by just folding a piece of carpet. It can be simple as that. This idea amazed the jury because a simple stool became a nice, warm and very comfortable chair in just an instant. Up-grading can be easy as that.

Arina Fix
Hochschule Madgeburg
Stendal, Germany
Little Knot
Shared 2nd place 2013

Little Knot attracted attention by the technique that was used. By splitting carpet, the core product revealed itself: the yarn. By rolling up the fibres and stuffing it with carpet waste an unexpected design was born. The jury was especially captivated by the unique character and of course the detail of a piece of thread hanging out the stool. This emphases the design process what was an extra plus.

Kristine Boele Kevin van den Berg
Thomas More University College
Mechelen, Belgium
3rd place 2013

Armor really took the jury by surprise. This witty idea translates the best of carpet. You have the soft touch on the front and the hard and firm material on the back. Perfect for a protection suit. It is proven now that you can create almost everything with carpet. Just let your imagination run free.

Aaron Orye
KHLim / MAD-Faculty
Genk, Belgium