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Laureates 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011

1st Place 2011

What you see is what you get. Plof is filled with carpet waste. A transparent covering makes it washable, practical and visually attractive. It is a cool couch with a firm cover and infinite possibilities regarding colour and shape. A strong concept, literally and figuratively speaking.

Vincent Welleman Yves Verhaegen Pim Van Eijk Oskar Vermeylen
Lessius University College
Mechelen, Belgium
Tapis Assis
2nd Place 2011

Tapis Assis looks familiar, but distinguishes itself in its dynamic qualities. Each piece is unique because of the type of material and the shape you want it to have. It’s an original and easy “do it yourself” design. The carpet makes the stool nice, warm and comfortable to sit on.

Nienke Ijpelaar Mieke Keukelier Stien Lambrechts Elien Sockeel
Lessius University College
Mechelen, Belgium
The carpet disappears through motion
3rd Place 2011

Wearing a dress made of waste as a final salute to the carpet and dismantling it on stage is simply a wonderful idea. The carpet literally disappears through motion and lifts waste up to a higher artistic and theatrical level. In a series of beautiful images, Dooms tells a tale of emotional durability in a strong and poetic way.

Maghalie Dooms
Luca - School of Arts
Gent, Belgium